The primary game genre we are building is survival simulation. This genre can operate as a single player game but also has interesting possibilities for multiplayer collaborative play and construction in future versions. In this respect we are excited about creating a distributed blockchain based multiplayer implementation after the initial single player version.

The engine can run real-time interactive planet simulations so users can create unique planets from scratch or terraform from existing known planets as a starting point.

A local planet simulator is intensely compute intensive and is a product for the high end PC hardware enthusiast. Earthsim is designed for the latest PC hardware and for the PC hardware that is yet to be made.

2021 Releses

Alpha 0.1 Q2

  • Basic renderer
  • Single Tile up to 32x32k Landscape
  • Basic Water + Sand Earth Sim
  • Simple Biosphere
  • Basic editor

Alpha 0.3 Q4

  • Core gameplay for initial testing
  • Fire
  • Rendering / Simulating up to 10Million concurrent organisms.
  • Editor: Integrate key user feedback

Alpha 0.2 Q3

  • Volumetric atmospherics, clouds formation
  • Sim – Lava/Water Interactions
  • Enhanced editor

Minimum Spec

CPU: 4 Core with AVX2, 8GB Main memory

GPU: Discrete GPU with 4GB memory

This spec can handle landscapes upto 4k in real time

Recommended Spec

CPU: 8 Core with AVX2, 16GB Main Memory

GPU: 8 GB memory

This spec can handle landscapes of up to 8k in real-time. All game levels will run very well with this spec:

For editing and simulation of extra large landscapes of 16k and 32k in real time – 60Hz framerates, 16 or more cores are required.

A GPU with more than 8 GB memory and higher performance will enable higher res rendering and higher resolution atmosphere/smoke/clouds for volumetric atmospheric raytracing effects.

Get Involved

If you are interested in Earthsim and think you have the skills to help, we are growing the core team.

We have space for a good technical artist, an experienced back end and blockchain coder (we are considering Cardano as one of our options) and a talented engineer to join the gameplay/tools team.

Discord server: