The Green Machine (TGM) is a survival simulation game. This game a single player game but also has interesting possibilities for multiplayer collaborative play and construction in future versions. In this respect we are excited about creating a distributed blockchain based multiplayer implementation after the TGM 1.0 single player version.


Early Demo track: Starts June 2021

  • Basic Land Water simulation 
    • Real Time simulation of earth, water, sand, rock anywhere on land.
      • Sand, Earth, Gravel slippage
      • Water flow
  • Basic atmosphere model. 
    • Water evaporation is a constant affected by temperature & temperature is constant over the land and falls off by land height.
    • Change evaporation rate, rainfall rate and temperature.
  • Vegetation types: 3 Trees, 1 grass.. Grows where water and soil is.
    • Users can pick any three or a mix & seed anywhere within a radius and see things start to grow.
    • Plants spread over the land by where they like to grow, water, temperature and soil quality factors all work.
  • Visualiser
    • Rendering – Land, Water, Atmosphere & Instances 
    • Sunlight & Shadows and Bloom
  • Basic Editor
    • Load, Save edits to land and rebuild land from a set of edits
    • Export height map and type map options
  • Key additional ongoing enhancements for updates from here are:-
    • UX – Improving the control system and editor cursor
    • sim – Sand/gravel/earth mixing 
    • sim – water ground penetration and subsurface water flow
    • sim – clouds and rain
    • sim – water velocity erosion
    • vis – texturing: (triplaner texture with splat blend extrapolation)
    • vis – cross section renderer for ‘cutaway’ sides of aquarium
    • vis – grass renderer
    • vis – cloud renderer
    • vis – Shorelines, foam & Caustics
    • vis – full HDR
    • Benchmark

Alpha – Winter 2021

Primary Goal:  Finish core sim so we can balance the game and build test levels (so player requires skill to keep a world alive) 

Begin to take the rendering effects to a higher quality level: 

  • Initial Game Play model


Primary Goal: Polish the top 4 levels

Secondary Goal: Continue to improve renderer and & game features for further levels to progress.

  • Improved editor
  • Creatures
    • Flocking, goats/birds/fish can be chased by camera attract mode
    • Predator prey
    • Symbiotics.. Creatures can work in symbiotic mode as well as predator prey.
  • If time features: Volcanoes & lava eruption, Burning Forests & Meteorites

Final Game

  • 16-20 levels created for release
  • Finished v1.0 editor
    • Can be used to make TGM sim game levels
    • Can be used to make and export landscape designs for other software 

Minimum Spec

CPU: 4 Core with AVX2, 8GB Main memory

GPU: Discrete GPU with 4GB memory

This spec can handle landscapes upto 4k in real time

Recommended Spec

CPU: 8 Core with AVX2, 16GB Main Memory

GPU: 8 GB memory

This spec can handle landscapes of up to 8k in real-time. All game levels will run very well with this spec:

Beyond playing the game, if you are intending to use Earthsim for editing and simulation of extra large landscapes (16k and 32k) in real time – 60Hz framerates, 16 or more cores are required.

A GPU with more than 8 GB memory and higher performance will enable higher res rendering and higher resolution atmosphere/smoke/clouds for volumetric atmospheric raytracing effects.

Our long term goal with the engine is to explore real-time interactive planet simulations so users can create unique planets from scratch or terraform from existing known planets as a starting point.

A local planet simulator is intensely compute intensive and is a product for the high end PC hardware enthusiast. Earthsim is designed for the latest PC hardware and for the PC hardware that is yet to be made.

Get Involved

If you are interested in Earthsim and think you have the skills to help. We are looking for a lead/technical artist & one engineer to join the team.

Discord server: