Game Content

  • Prebuilt game levels you progress through.
  • Build your own levels and share them with others.
    • View & try out the best user created levels.
  • Game Versions
    • Green Machine & Planet Crafter
    • Multi player: Team up with others to manage larger levels and shared planet management and terraforming.

Learning Content

The Original Earthsim featured three types of in house generated content:

  • Encyclopedia Interactive: entries on on plants, animals and geological formations throughout the known universe,
  • News: pieces on discoveries that guide the viewer to and through those discoveries
  • Documentaries: Longer pieces that tie smaller elements together into a bigger user driven hierarchical path through the experience, a guided learning game experience.

As the new game develops we will look into adding learning content back and creating a new updated free version of Earthsim.

All Earthsim content aims to highlight the connections across all disciplines and demonstrate a unified systems view of the universe.

Real World Sims

Earthsim can be used to simulate and project out the environmental impact of various interventions. For future projects we are excited to work with land development teams who are gathering real data to test and further develop the simulator.