Earthsim is a vast universe of explorable knowledge on how our universe works as an intricate interconnected holistic system. This interactive visual knowledge base runs on a planetary simulation platform of the Earth and other planets in the solar system, or even extra solar planets as they are discovered.

Earthsim is viewed through modern 3D projection or VR displays or any standard 3D system. It functions as a learning holodeck so anyone to discover the natural history of our world and deeply explore and understand its interconnected place in the universe.


The visualizer combines a 3D rendered publishing platform with a planetary simulation engine.

  • A beautiful real-time visualization of our planet (and its surrounding universe) so any time and place can be visited and visualized. In Earthsim for example, not only is it possible to go back in time to see the world inhabited by dinosaurs, but newly discovered exo-planets can also be visited.
  • A simulation engine that can import, contrast and extrapolate existing scientific simulations such as planetary climate models, vegetation models and predator/prey interactions.

Early prototype work on the visualizer can be seen below:



  • Encyclopedia entries on on plants, animals and geological formations throughout the known universe,
  • Short News pieces on discoveries that guide the viewer to and through those discoveries
  • Educational documentaries tying smaller elements together into a bigger user driven hierarchical path through the experience, similar to a guided learning game.


  • An interdisciplinary research team synthesizing the latest planetary research and visualisation technologies to develop the Earthsim Visualiser. The visualiser will be released as open source; it is open to any and all 3rd party contributors.
  • A content news team who work with the visualiser to create content libraries.

All Earthsim content and RnD aims to highlight the connections across all disciplines and demonstrate a unified systems view of the universe.


Earthsim is designed to provide a free educational platform for everyone that has a modern computer and internet connection. Earthsim content research is community driven.