Community Token

Earthsim will use a cryptographic token to drive all aspects of the community ecosystem. This token will also be used to power the servers that host the Earthsim Universe of Content. Token holders get to vote on what is done in and by earthsim, they can vote on new areas of content to be developed by the RnD team.

Token Features  (still being finalized):

  • Transaction and ownership privacy (Zerocoin protocol)
  • Fast low fee transactions (masternode hosted fast transactions)
  • Voting for all coin holders -> 1 coin 1 vote
  • Monthly payout for staking 1000 coins over a one month period

Further details:

  • Coin total: 1,000,000,000
  • Block creation: every two minutes
  • Masternodes, hosted by large coin holders (10,000 coins)
    • Run CPU and data host for earth simulation + content broadcast for users.
  • Payouts and currency creation:
    • 70% payout to a three way central fund. Pays out by voters choices to a three way split:
      • 50% projects regenerating the land,  (10% commited to animal life).
      • 10% Ongoing platform technology development
      • 10% Education content (5%) and publicity of the regeneration projects on the platform (5%) .
    • 30 % payout to miners masternodes and stakers. 10% miners 10% masternodes, 10% stakers.